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While working as a graphic artist at commercial printers, marketing firms, and in-house advertising departments, I came to realize that the "salesperson as client contact" and other typical customer service arrangements used today actually prevent you, the customer, from receiving the best service, or the best possible product.

Often there is very little interaction between the artist creating your pieces, and the marketing staff at your firm who will actually use the pieces that are being created. Opportunities to brainstorm and improve the end product are lost. Suggestions about potential improvements are not passed along, in the name of expediency. Let's face it, the sooner your job is printed, the sooner it can be billed, and that is the driving force behind many decisions that are made between the time you decide you need something created, and the time that "something" is delivered to your facility.

John Morrison

Those compromises are not in your best interests, and compromise disguised as expediency is not what we strive for here at Graphics Network. We want to work with you and your firm, exploring all the possibilities, and in collaboration, create something truly useful, and perhaps even memorable. If you want to move beyond the typical print-buying experience, you owe it to yourself to give Graphics Network a call.

- John Morrison, Founder, Graphics Network

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