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Orange County Freelance Print Production


We serve manufacturers in many ways, and have satisfied many demanding clients along the way. We can create marketing pieces that will boost your sales, provide artwork for permanent labels or other items that will become a part of your final product, or help you with your stationery or forms needs.

Some of the challenges manufacturers face are unique to the product development process, such as prototypes that differ from the future production run, or the need for permanent adhesive labels that are an integral part of the finished good.

Is the pre-production sample you have the wrong color, or do you need additional color versions from the same sample? Not a problem! Or perhaps next year's model (that you need to advertise now) hasn't been produced yet? Again, no problem.

We are experienced at making changes to photos of manufacturers' pre-production samples, so as your product specifications change, we can change your photography right through the manufacturing process.

We specialize in meeting complex custom challenges, and we look forward to working with you on your project.