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Preflight and File Correction

Bad things happen to good people. And everyone makes mistakes, right? And more often than not, your designer, who has come up with such a fantastic design, has overlooked a few technical details along the way.

It happens because of the creative process -- ideas are tried and discarded, adjustments are made because of changes in specs... The list of suspects goes on and on.

But an overlooked technical detail can spoil an otherwise brilliantly executed design, or at the very least, can cause your job to be bounced out of its press slot. And then either the plant can make the necessary alterations, for a price, of course, or you can attempt to describe the problem to your designer, who may or may not be able to rectify the situation quickly and thoroughly.

Maybe you have a layout that you'd like to get printed, but you need a few changes made first? It happens all the time. That's why Graphics Network offers Preflight and File Correction services. With many years of experience under our collective prepress belts, we can thoroughly examine every aspect of a layout, looking for potential trouble, and fixing anything that could cause problems at the plant. No detail will be overlooked. That's just one more way we can make your life a little bit easier.